• personality!
  • unique design
  • with love
  • happy times
  • loving detail
  • your memories
  • made forever


your child's character shines through everything we do.

unique design

every child and every nonnyrabbit piece is a true one-off!

with love

a keepsake or a gift - our quilts are always made with love.

happy times

transporting you back to special times and places.

loving detail

our pieces are made with absolute care, attention to detail, quality and finish.

your memories

a patchwork of wonderful memories wrapped up in love.

made forever

nonnyrabbit create unique and magical memory quilts - for yours, forever.

each stitch, lovingly crafted...

every nonnyrabbit piece is absolutely unique whether it's a large memory quilt or a piece of named bunting. at nonnyrabbit we design and consider each thread, button, stitch and hem bringing precious memories back to life.

the adventure begins when we receive your child's clothes at our studio. we transform these into beautiful, hand-crafted heirlooms capturing the personalities of each individual child.

we'd love to make something for you. browse our site to see the full range of nonnyrabbit products.

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